EONS Magazine Winter/Spring 2019 edition

JOINT EDITORIAL – EONS President Lena Sharp with ESMO Scientific Committee Chair Solange Peters

Welcome to this special issue of the EONS Magazine, reporting on our EONS11 Conference in Munich. This was a unique and highly successful occasion for EONS as we joined with the ESMO Congress for the very first time.

EONS President Lena Sharp

Lena Sharp

Lena Sharp

Joining our conference with ESMO 2018 meant many extra benefits for EONS members. Five days of speaker sessions, symposia and workshops brought a myriad of valuable opportunities for learning and sharing good practice between nurses and oncologists across the multi-professional team. In addition to EONS11 (cancer nursing track), members had access to all ESMO sessions, posters, submitted abstracts and teaching sessions. On top of this, a number of satellite symposia with industry sponsors brought even more educational opportunities than ever. These elements lent a stronger emphasis to our discussions around cancer nursing leadership and the need for increasingly close collaboration with medical oncologists in the multiprofessional team.

On the lighter side, EONS Lounge provided a space where EONS members were able to relax, network with colleagues from all over Europe and talk to the EONS team about all the exciting things that are going on. We also announced a number of awards, including the highly prestigious EONS Lifetime Achievement Award, which went, with many congratulations, to former EONS President Birgitte Grube from Denmark.

And last but definitely not least, special thanks goes to our Scientific Committee of experts who developed a fantastic programme of high-profile speakers on topics related to our five themes. The topics we focussed on in Munich went right to the heart of what cancer nursing is about today – the challenges, the opportunities, our aspirations and our goals.

Within this magazine you will find a range of articles that will give you a flavour of the conference if you were not able to attend this time. If you were there, it is a chance to revisit this wonderful experience. We hope you enjoy this issue – and don’t forget to share your favourite articles with friends and colleagues across social media.

ESMO’s Scientific Committee Chair Solange Peters

Solange Peters

Solange Peters

We were extremely proud to have EONS with us at our Congress for the first time. This was important for three major reasons:

1/All care givers, including nurses, have to be exposed very early to the complexities and new challenges in the field of cancer treatment. They need, like physicians, to understand the new paradigms and changes in the guidelines.

2/The multi-professional team – collaboration between physicians and nurses plays a crucial role in dealing with aspects of care that are very important for patients: the quality of delivery and daily life and accurate treatment in the optimal setting are essential and we cannot work without this collaboration.

3/My feeling is that having, as we do, very complex cancer treatments and immunotherapy, nurses are more and more important in supporting the physicians in handling all the problematic elements - the management of side-effects, the follow-up of patients – because physicians are not the best to do these kind of things. But more than this, I think physicians will need the support of nurses in managing the complexity of future treatment.


***STOP PRESS***  EONS is delighted to announce that this year, for our EONS12 Conference, we will join with the ESMO 2019 Congress, in Barcelona, Spain - 27 September to 1 October.

Our EONS12 theme will be: Cancer nursing, translating science into clinical practice and better safety for all.

More details to follow.